10mm Carthage Army with Allies

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The 10mm Carthage army with allies consists of three complete armies.


  • 10mm Carthage Command pack
  • 10mm Carthage War elephants
  • 10mm Carthage Punic Cavalry
  • 10mm Carthage Sacred Company
  • 10mm Carthage Infantry Attacking
  • 10mm Carthage Infantry
  • 10mm Carthage Militia


  • 10mm Iberian Command
  • 10mm Iberian Cavalry
  • 10mm Iberian Light Cavalry
  • 10mm Iberian Warriors
  • 10mm Iberian Warriors attacking
  • 10mm Iberian Caetrati
  • 10mm Iberian Slingers


  • 10mm Numidian: Command
  • 10mm Numidian: Elephants
  • 10mm Numidian: Armoured Cavalry
  • 10mm Numidian: Light Cavalry
  • 10mm Numidian: Armoured Spear
  • 10mm Numidian: Spear
  • 10mm Numidian: Javelins
  • 10mm Numidian: Skirmishers

For more information on the contents of each pack please see its individual entry

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Self supporting STL files for resin printing.

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10mm Carthage Army with Allies

0 ratings
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