15mm Gallic and Britons: Full Army

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The Briton + Gallic 15mm full army consists of all of the files from all of the 15mm Gallic and 15mm Briton sets, plus the round house camp and village defenders, so that is:

  • 15mm Gallic: Command
  • 15mm Gallic: Chariots
  • 15mm Gallic: Noble Cavalry
  • 15mm Gallic: Mounted skirmishers
  • 15mm Gallic: Bodyguard
  • 15mm Gallic: Warriors
  • 15mm Gallic: Skirmishers
  • 15mm Gallic: Archers
  • 15mm Briton: Command
  • 15mm Briton: Chariots
  • 15mm Briton: Fanatics
  • 15mm Briton: Mounted Skirmishers
  • 15mm Briton: Bodyguard
  • 15mm Briton: Warriors
  • 15mm Briton: Skirmishers
  • 15mm Roundhouse camp
  • 15mm Village Defenders

For more information on any of these sets please see its Gumroad entry.

These models are pre-supported or designed to be self supporting, so that they can be printed flat on the print head of a resin 3D printer. However, every machine has its own unique requirements so please ensure you are happy with the files before you print. Where supports have been required unsupported version of the files have also been included.

Important: These files are for personal use only, unless you have specific written permission from Cromarty Forge Ltd you are not permitted to sell, rent, transfer, host or in any other way distribute these files or products derived from these files.

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Pre supported STL files for resin printing.

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15mm Gallic and Britons: Full Army

4 ratings
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