Scenery 10mm: City Wall Expansion Requires City Walls (Resin Printing)

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This file contains stls to print flex angle towers, a keep and an alternative gate to be added to the city wall set. The base city walls set is required to make castles with this set.

The set contains six alternative flex wall towers, 3 have narrow tops (35mm internal diameter) and three have wide tops (57mm internal diameter, able to hold 2 stands). The towers come in two parts that can rotate, allowing intersection wall angles of over 180 degrees (from just under 90 degrees to just over 270 degrees). Combined with the city wall set these towers will allow you to print up castles with flexible wall designs.

In addition to the wall towers, the set also includes a deep gate, capable of holding two units of infantry in column (roof section is over 80mm wide, and over 60mm deep) and a keep which stands 111mm tall (to the top of the tallest part of the tallest tower). The roof of the keep is large enough to hold 6 x 20mmx40mm stands.

Please check dimensions against your printers print volume:

  • The largest part of the towers measures 70mm x 75mm and stands 95mm tall.
  • The largest part of the gate is 131mm x 50mm and stands 75mm tall
  • The largest part of the keep is 106mm x 33mm and stands 111mm tall

The file is intended to be printed on an LCD resin printer. All elements are hollow with drainage points.

The set includes files scaled at 100% and 105%, please ensure that you print walls and towers at the same scale.

Important: These files are for personal use only, unless you have specific written permission from Cromarty Forge Ltd you are not permitted to sell, rent, transfer, host on in any other way distribute these files or products derived from these files.

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Scenery 10mm: City Wall Expansion Requires City Walls (Resin Printing)

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