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I printed 2 roads and 1 river with Printed with an Anycubic Photon Mono 4k with a mix 50/50 of eryone grey standard resin and eryone abs resin with the following parameters : Layer Thickness 0.05 mm Normal Exposure Time 2 s Off Time 0.5 s Bottom Exposure Time 25 s Bottom Layers 4 Anti-alias 1 Z lift distance 5 mm Z lift speed 3 mm/s Z retract speed 6 mm/s I had the following results : Basically : there's a small warp on one side of the road, but otherwise it looks fine. Maybe making less long segments in the final product ?

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These look pretty flat (with the exception of that corner). The corner looks like it may be a bed adhesion issue rather than a resin bending issue. Not something I had been thinking of, but I guess when you make a piece quite big it will have more force on it. Did you have to do any filing to get them to tesselate or did my anti elephant foot sculpt work? Thanks so much for dropping me a note on this!

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>Did you have to do any filing to get them to tesselate or did my anti elephant foot sculpt work? I used them as they were in the original files, just put them flat in my 3D printer software and print. Afterwards, I didn't modify the printed model in any meaningful way. The 2 roads insert perfectly fine without needing to be tesselated, your system looks very solid IMHO. I do agree the warp is certainly due to a bed adhesion, I did use settings that are quite low for the bottom exposure time because it's easier to remove them from the bed once the print is done. I just noticed it was on the roads but not on the river. So far, I think it's good to go, but I'd rather have smaller segments to print because my bed isn't a big one and I couldn't fit more than 2 roads or 1 river in one go. Or at least not any longer for they wouldn't fit my bed for the Anycubic I use. ^^ I bought your bridge and riverside product previously and of course, I wanted to see how they go with the river. Obviously, they didn't fit well because of the different parts / details in the way, so I think it would be good to modify the riverside house and the bridge to be included on the river model for better fitting in the future. Glad I could be helpful !

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